Q. What are the fees for Repeating 6th Year?

Full Time Fees are €5,900.00.  If you wish to pay by installments please contact the office on (066) 7145896 for more information on differnt installment methods.

Q. What is the procedure to take if a student is looking to repeat?

Firstly, contact us in the office (066) 7145896 if you are thinking of repeating.  We will give you further information and arrange for the student and parents/guardians to meet with Elisha (Principal) to discuss subject choice, previous exam results, studying advice etc.

Q. Does a decision need to be made on enrolling straight after meeting with Elisha (Principal)?

No.  We understand it is a big decision so you are under no pressure to make a decision right away.  Usually we give students a few days to make a decision.

Q. What is the Closing Date for Repeat Applicants?

At Brookfield College we do not have a closing date for enrollments.  We accommodate everyone but it is best for the student to start with us at the beginning of the school year in September.  However, we do understand there are certain circumstances where this is not possible and it is important to contact us as soon as possible if the student wishes to repeat 6th year.

Q. Can I drop a subject/s?

It is possible to drop a subject/s, however this must be discussed first with Elisha (Principal) during your meeting.

Q. Can I take up a new subject/s?

Yes it is possible to take up a new subject/s.  Elisha (Principal) will discuss this further with you during your meeting and give you the best advice on subject choice.

Q. Can I repeat one subject at Brookfield College?

Yes, contact the office on (066) 7145896 for more information.